About the Bevan Commission

The Bevan Commission is Wales’ leading health and care think tank, hosted and supported by Swansea University.

Working within a complex health and care system, our vision is simple – a prudent and sustainable national health and care service to meet the needs of all citizens that remains true to its original values, as established by NHS founder Aneurin Bevan.

Our mission is to challenge thinking and practice in health and care, creating a growing movement for change with the people in the system and those who use the system.

We work to grow and embed this movement within and between organisations in three ways:

We challenge

We harness independent and new insights, and act as ‘critical friends’ to help leaders make informed decisions on health and care in Wales, across the UK and beyond.

We change

We support ambitious individuals and teams to design, try out, test and deliver new methodologies and approaches for health and care transformation.

We champion

We influence policy and practice in action through research, training and wider exploratory and collaborative work, engaging with a wide range of local, national and international stakeholders.

We are committed to ensuring Wales can achieve its ambition of building integrated health and care services that meet the needs of people across our villages, towns and cities, matching the best comparable systems elsewhere in the world.

The Bevan Commission was originally established in 2008 by Professor Sir Mansel Aylward as an independent panel of expert Commissioners to provide advice and consensus on health and care-related matters to the Welsh Government.

We continue to draw upon the expertise and insights of the Bevan Commissioners, and have evolved to apply our thinking and learning to facilitate and guide health and care transformation in organisations across Wales and internationally. Bevan Commission thinking now influences national governments and health systems across Europe, Australasia and North America.

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